FIBROMYALGIA: 10 Ways BB Weighted Blankets can Help

July 14, 2019

FIBROMYALGIA: 10 Ways BB Weighted Blankets can Help

Treating fibromyalgia, or relieving the symptoms associated with it, is quite complicated. Treatments include prescription drugs, healthy diet, vitamins, essential oils, and lifestyle changes.

The alternative, non-drug treatments are being preferred by some due to the side effects of the chemical drugs. The thermal effect from Far Infrared Ray (FIR) has been shown to be very useful and effective according to many studies. FIR-emitting heat lamps, saunas, garments have thermal heat. This thermal heat helps relieve the pain in fibromyalgia patients. FIR also accelerates the healing of the damaged tissues. (1)


10 Ways how BB Weighted Blankets & Pads can help Fibromyalgia patients

1. Support in Pain Management

man with experiencing pain on the neck and shoulders

The main symptom with fibromyalgia patients is chronic pain. The excruciating pain leads to insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety.  Our BB Weighted Blankets can reduce the pain by two natural effects: (a) providing Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) and (b) increasing the blood flow with FIR.

A Spanish study in 2017 showed the FIR-emitting nanoparticles in the undershirt relieve the pain in fibromyalgia patients. BB Weighted Blankets have the FIR energy both in the fabric and in the filling material.

Pain is felt due to increased metabolic waste in the cells. Increased blood flow with FIR energy cleans the toxins & waste material in the cellular level. Damaged tissues get repaired faster with FIR effect. The combination of FIR and the weight effect significantly help the pain subside. BB Health Pads can also be used to relieve local pain anytime of the day. (2)


2. Improve Sleep

sleeping woman

Fibromyalgia patients suffer from sleep disturbance due to many reasons, including pain, stress and high sensitivity to touch. Inadequate sleep is a contributor to severe fatigue seen with fibromyalgia patients. Managing the sleep takes big part for treatment of fibromyalgia.

BB Weighted Blankets help patients to fall asleep faster and get more restorative, deep sleep. The weight stimulates endorphins which turn to sleep hormone - melatonin. The FIR energy in the blankets brings heat effect to the aching tissues and cleans the toxins. The pain and tenderness subsides, which help bring a good, restful sleep.


3. Increase Endorphins

happy women

Weighted blankets are well known for increasing endorphins level. Serotonin as a happiness hormone has effect on the mood, immune system and digestive tract. Fibromyalgia patients have lower serotonin level. BB Blankets and Pads increase the serotonin level during the contact to the body.


4. Decrease Cortisol

The gentle pressure from BB Weighted Blankets improves sleep quality. Better sleep means good relaxation and less stress hormone cortisol. When the fibromyalgia patients sleep under the weighted blankets, their blood cortisol levels are reduced during night time. Lower cortisol level leads to improved mood, less pain and less stress. 


5. Reduce Fatigue

fatigue tired man sleeping on the laptop

Chronic or severe fatigue is one of the most debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia. It often goes hand-in-hand with sleepless nights. It can make it tough to concentrate. Even basic everyday tasks can be grueling.  By increasing the serotonin levels, fatigue is lessened. BB Weighted Blankets make this happen by the effect of blanket weight and cleaning of the tissues by FIR.


6. Ease Anxiety and Depression

depressed old woman

Fibromyalgia symptoms increase anxiety and depression as patients can’t perform their daily functions, which can lead them to feel more anxious and depressed.

Using BB Weighted Blankets can ease anxiety and depression in fibromyalgia patients. Weighted blanket users show lower anxiety and depression level in the studies. BB Weighted Blankets stimulate deep pressure points by evenly distributed weight and show calming effect similar to massage therapy in the whole body.


7. Improve Mood

asian woman hugging and happy mood

BB Weighted Blankets essentially imitate a gentle hugging and holding effect by its firm pressure on the body. It gives the same good feeling after getting a hug from someone. Even premature babies are shown better and faster development when they are hugged by their caregivers. The hug effect from the blanket produces relaxation hormone serotonin, which reduces blood pressure and provides an overall sense of well-being and happiness. With its pain reducing effect, it also helps improve the mood.


8. Increase Oxytocin 

oxytocin - family in a happy mood

Oxytocin is a neuro-transmitter known for its pain killer and anti-depressant, anti-anxiety effects on the body. Especially depressed Fibromyalgia patients show lower level of oxytocin in their blood. The level of happiness of the Fibromyalgia patients correlates with the level of oxytocin. Oxytocin also regulates anxiety and depression. With Deep Pressure Point stimulation, BB Weighted Blankets and Pads increase the oxytocin production naturally in the body. (3) (4)


9. Improve Concentration and Memory

young woman studying

The pain all over the body of fibromyalgia patients can negatively affect the concentration and memory. The impaired attention negatively effects the daily functions which can also feed their stress and depression. With BB Weighted Blanket’s effect of easing the pain and increasing the sleep quality, the attention and memory gets better. 

BB Weighted Blankets can mimic a physical therapy during the sleep and its effect improve over the time. Sensory effect from the weight and improved metabolism from FIR energy alleviate the pain and tenderness.


10. Assist in Weight Management

weight management showing person standing on weighing scale

The FIR energy in our weighted blankets and pads can help for weight management. Weight gain is one of the side effects of drug treatments of Fibromyalgia. The weight gain can be managed by routine physical exercise, combined with the use of BB Blankets and Pads. The BB Weighted Blankets provide many benefits to improve the symptoms. (5)


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Author: Tina Ureten, MD, RDMS, RDCS


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