BB Weighted Blanket with Far Infrared (FIR) for Children - High Quality Health Fabric. No Plastic

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BB Weighted Blankets for Children are designed to bring the healthy effect from Far Infra Rad- FIR - rays and also the weight. The weight in the blankets is created by using natural FIR emitting minerals in bioceramic forms.

The fabric used for our blankets are manufactured by using advanced nano-technology. FIR emitting minerals are penetrated into the fibre to create health fabric ( also called performance fabric).

Being in close contact with this special fabric and the bioceramics enhances the metabolism and oxygenation of the body during the sleep. The children receive the feeling of hugged and relaxed, they move less while sleeping under the weighted blanket.

Steady sensory input to the brain from the pressure points decrease brain's arousal and reduce hyperactivity and anxiety.

BB Health blankets are especially recommended in conditions of autism, anxiety and ADHD/ ADD. Clinical trials have shown significant improvement of the symptoms and better sleep quality when the children sleep with weighted blankets.

With additional health benefits from FIR , our weighted blankets can help children to calm down and relax during the daytime too. By increasing the serotonin level and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, they provide calming and relaxing effect, improve sleep quality and therefore academic performance of the adolescents.  

Dimensions: 42” X 52 “

Weight :  8.04 lbs

                 3.65 kg


Watch these videos:

Video: What are BB Weighted Blankets?

Video: How Do BB Weighted Blankets Work?

Video: What is Far Infrared Rays (FIR)?


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