BB Weighted Blankets Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1- How do Weighted Blankets / Heavy Blankets Work?

When you sleep under a weighted blanket, it acts like a massager and creates deep touch pressure effect on your body. Sleeping with weighted blanket makes you feel like you are hugged and cocooned. As a response to these effects, brain releases serotonin hormone. Serotonin is known as a “happiness hormone” and precursor of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Therefore, you get longer and better quality sleep with weighted blankets.

Clinical trials have proven that weighted blankets can help for insomnia or sleep deprivation and improve many health conditions. Additionally, studies reported that weighted blankets ease anxiety, depression, fatigue and improve memory. They are also suitable choice for autism, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorders in children.

Our patented BB Weighted Blankets don’t use plastic or glass beads to create weight. We use bio-ceramic beads which have natural minerals with far infrared energy. The fabric used in our blankets manufactured by adding Far Infrared energy to the yarn. The health benefits of regular weighted blankets are significantly increased with added FIR in our BB Weighted Blankets and Pads.

2- What are the Health Effects of the BB Weighted Blanket and Pads

BB Weighted Blankets bring you not only the benefits of weight but also the various health advantage of FIR. The special fabric used in BB Weighted Blankets increases the blood circulation. FIR-emitting nanoparticles are added into textile fibre in these health responsive fabrics. The good FIR energy emitted from the fabric and beads enhances tissue viability and circulation with penetrating through the skin.

The long hours of FIR effect during the sleep brings better cleaning and healing effect to the body. The weight from bioceramic beads stimulate the brain to release serotonin and melatonin hormones. These hormones regulate sleep and emotional balance of our bodies. The health benefits from BB Weighted Blankets are enhanced by physical interaction with the body and FIR energy.

BB Weighted Blankets also have aromatherapy pouches on adult-size blankets. They come with lavender bags to improve the quality of sleep and relaxation.

BB Weighted Health Pads are created by using small version of our weighted blankets. FIR’s healing effect can be applied to any part of the body with these knee pads. These weighted pads can relieve pain from muscle spasm, stiffness or injury by improving the blood circulation. They can also block the electromagnetic field – EMF - coming from the electronic equipment hold close to body. EMF is known with its harmful effect on the body.


3- How can BB Weighted Blankets Help Insomnia?

The studies show subjects sleeping with ordinary weighted blankets fell asleep faster and woke up less during their sleep. BB Weighted Blankets are unique with enhanced effect to the body by emitting good fir energy. FIR from BB Weighted Blankets improves body’s metabolism and circulation. FIR - emitting minerals also release negative anions to the environment, these ions are essential for good health and are called “air vitamins” which help for faster and deeper sleep.

Improved energy level and improved relaxation is seen after sleeping just few days with bb weighted blankets. The weight stimulates serotonin release from the brain which turns to melatonin, the sleep hormone. The test subjects who had shorter sleeping periods than their average time also felt completely rested and refreshed in the morning. The improvement of the sleep quality is seen after 3-4 weeks of usage of the blankets. Aromatherapy is another addition to BB Weighted Blankets by its good sleep and relaxation effect.

4- Can BB Weighted Blankets and Pads be helpful for other conditions too?

The positive health impact of BB Weighted Blankets & Pads on the body is created by two main features: FIR energy and weight. FIR is very widely accepted for its many benefits for good health. Patients with musculo-skeletal diseases, cardio-vascular conditions, circulation problems show improvement of their symptoms with FIR therapy. FIR improves blood circulation therefore heals the wound faster, cleans toxins better. BB Weighted Blankets & Pads carry all these benefits from their FIR emitting minerals.

In addition, weight creates deep touch pressure effect on the body which increases serotonin release. Serotonin enhances mood and well-being during the day or night, whenever you use the blankets. Therefore, our blankets not only improve for your mental well being they also ease the pain from stiffness or inflammation. The FIR energy stimulates lymph drainage and improves immune systems defence mechanism. We use breathable fabric which keeps the body temperature stable and helps for hot flashes and extreme sweatings. Children with autism, ADHD, anxiety can also benefit from sleeping with our blankets.

BB Weighted Pads are designed for multi purpose usage. They block electromagnetic field and protect your body from electronic devices. They can be used as healing pad for pain and stiffness. They are not only good for human beings but also safely used for pets to improve their overall health. They have calming effect on any anxiety situation of the animals.

5- How is the weight distributed on the BB Blanket?

Our blankets have evenly distributed weight so the weight won't shift when you move during your sleep. There are 220 small pouches on adult-size blankets, all are filled and sewn separately. The weight stays where the blanket touches your body. The weight of the bio ceramic beads doesn't shift. That provides the maximum effect from both the weight and FIR. Not only your torso, but also your legs and arms get the benefits from the blanket with increased blood circulation. Increased blood flow on any tissue cleans the waste and toxins, therefore subsidizes inflammation, edema and pain.

6- I have Fibromyaglia. Can I get any health benefit from using BB Weighted Blankets?

Fibromyalgia patients can get many health benefits from BB Weighted Blankets and Pads. You can learn all the benefits of BB Weighted Blankets by reading our blog:

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7- Do BB Weighted Blankets alleviate symptoms of menopause?

You can learn more from our blog below how BB Blankets can be the safe choice for menopausal symptoms:

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8- What are Far Infrared Rays (FIR)?

FIR also known as infrared light is a natural energy from the nature and it drops outside of the visible spectrum of human eye. FIR was well known for its beneficial effect on the body by ancient Chinese, Romans and Egyptians. It is completely healthy and safe. There is no known harm from FIR and it is completely safe for any living creature on our planet.

Nature has an abundant amount of FIR, it is also known as the good part of sunlight. In fact human beings and all living organisms naturally emit FIR. For instance, the human body emits 9.4 micron and palm trees emits 8 -14 micron FIR rays.

Indeed, Reiki, the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation is based on FIR emission from the touching hands. FIR is easily absorbed by the skin. It penetrates up to 5 cms and increases the blood circulation in the tissues, enhances metabolism and promotes wound healing.

9- What are the Health Effects of FIR on the body?

There are many positive effects of FIR on the body: improved blood circulation, increased oxygenation, clearance of the toxins, enhanced cell vitality and accelerated wound healing have been shown by medical researches. Infrared light has been used for treatment of conditions ranging from high blood pressure to congestive heart failure to muscle tears and rheumatoid arthritis.

You can learn more about the good effects of FIR on the body from our blog below:

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10- How do BB Weighted Blankets assist with weight management?

Far Infrared rays are well known with their weight management effect. When FIR is interacting with your body during the sleep, it cleans the toxins and increases the metabolism in the cellular level. That leads to less craving for food and especially for sugar. If you combine BB Weighted Blanket usage with your weight management program, you will get more effective results.

11- What other health effects can one get from BB Weighted Blankets?

The minerals inside the filling material of BB Weighted Blankets diminish the electromagnetic field reaching your body from any device around you. Our BB Weighted Blankets and Pads can also decrease the possible harmful effect from new 5G signals.

12- What conditions can BB Weighted Lap Pad be useful for?

Our BB Weighted Lap Pads are the best for local pain or stiffness. The FIR energy subsidizes the pain and helps body for cleaning the waste from the tissues. These pads can be safely used for children who can't sit still. They also block the electromagnetic field from mobile devices. School age children can use our pads between their laptop and body. That would eliminate the EMF coming to the body. Also the same pads can be used for calming and relaxing effect of household pets. Any animal can sleep on the lap pad.

13- Would using the BB Weighted Blankets make you feel hot and uncomfortable?

Our blankets are made with breathable health fabric. Our health fabric is made by using latest nanotechnology with FIR emitting minerals embedded to the cotton based fiber. It lets the air to circulate and doesn't make you sweaty even in the hot summer days. it won't make you feel wet as the sweat does dry by air circulation.The FIR energy in the blankets also keep body temperature stable, you don't feel hot under the weight. In the cold temperature you may even need a normal blanket on top of BB Weighted Blanket to feel warmer. This feature of BB Weighted Blankets help for hot flushes and diminishes extreme sweating.

14- How can I use BB Weighted Blanket or Lap Pads for my dog or cat?

We recommend our BB Weighted Lap Pads for small size dogs. If your dog is medium or full size, then our child-size BB Weighted Blankets would be better fit. When your pet sleeps on the blanket it would get all the good health benefit from FIR. Some dogs can be comfortable to sleep under the blanket without covering their head. We recommend to use the blankets as their sleeping pad. Sleeping on the blankets brings FIR's relaxing and calming effect when they have anxiety due to any illness. They act calm and relaxed after sleeping on the BB Weighted  Blankets and Pads.

15- Are the BB Weighted Blankets and Pads washable?

Yes, our blankets and pads are hand washable. The bio-ceramic beads and the fabric would not loose their FIR feature after up to 90 times of washings with warm water. Actually, due to the bacteriostatic feature of our health fabric, our blankets and pads don’t build up bacteria and stay clean longer than regular fabric. You can extend the life span of the blankets by using them with bed sheets or covers. High heat dry cleaning is not recommended for our blankets and pads as it may increase the temperature in the bio-ceramic beads and burn the fabric.

16- Why the Blue colour was chosen for the BB Weighted Blankets and Pads?

Blue is proven as the colour of sleep by studies. The sleep quality improves with blue bed sheets and blue walls in the bed rooms. Blue’s calming and relaxing effect makes you go to sleep easier and stay in sleep longer.

17- What is the Return Policy for BB Weighted Blankets and Pads?

We accept any defective product for full refund within 10 days of the purchase. If you are not happy with your BB Weighted Blanket and Pad after 30 days of usage and return it in clean and non-damaged condition we will refund your payment. Some restrictions may apply upon the condition of returned products.