BB Weighted Blankets Health Benefits for Muscle and Joint Problems

Who can benefit from using the BB Weighted Blankets and Pads?

BB Weighted Blankets and Pads can be helpful for many conditions with their balanced, well- distributed weight, Far Infrared Rays (FIR) energy,  electro-magnetic signal reduction and aromatherapy effects.

* Note:  Individuals suffering from certain conditions can benefit from BB Weighted Blankets and Pads as complementary to their medical treatment. Our products are not offered as replacement for the treatment you may receive from your health care provider.




arthritis and joint problems


Arthritis means joint inflammation which effects joint and the connective tissues around the joints. Arthritis is not a single disease, it shows in many different kind of joint inflammation. Effected joints mostly have swelling, distortion, stiffness, pain and functional limitations. The incidence of arthritis increases with ageing.

Severe arthritis can show up with chronic pain, fatigue, disability and prevents to perform daily functions. Some systemic forms of arthritis can affect vital soft organs, such as heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes and skin.

There is no known cure of arthritis. Once arthritis is diagnosed, all the effort should be given to preserve joint function, mobility and quality of life. Regular physical activity, physiotherapy, healthy weight and diet are all essential steps to slow it down.

The FIR energy of BB Weighted Blankets increases the blood flow and relieves the stiffness of the tissues around the joints. The BB Weighted Blankets used during the nights can ease the pain and helps for better sleep for arthritis sufferers. The BB Weighted Pads can also be used anytime around the joints to relieve the pain and decrease the inflammation by good effect of FIR. When BB Weighted Blankets and Pads are used on a regular basis as a complementary to medical treatment, they can help for slowing down the progress of arthritis symptoms.



muscle and joint stiffness - working man stretching muscles


Muscle stiffness means tightened and painful muscles, which are difficult to move. Pain, cramping and difficulty of movement are most common symptoms of muscle stiffness. Sprains and strains can frequently accompanied by muscle stiffness.

Some medications can lead to muscle stiffness, statins are the most common medication group causing muscle stiffness.  Muscle stiffness and pain can be due to injury, overexertion or inflammatory conditions. 

But the most common reason of muscle stiffness is sitting on the same position for a long time during the work. When you sit in front of computer, the ideal position is keeping head directly over the spine. Mostly the head moves forward and the muscles behind the neck have to strain to keep the head in the right position. Over the period, these muscles become very stiff and painful. Physiotherapy and exercise are the effective methods to relieve the stiffness.

Using BB Weighted Blankets during the night can help to relieve the stress around the neck and shoulder muscles. BB Weighted Pads can also be helpful during the day by increasing the blood flow to aching muscles. The toxins are cleaned and inflammation is decreased by FIR’s stimulation of the blood flow.