I did a lot of research on weighted blankets. I finally decided on this one because I liked the FIR energy. When I first got the blanket I noticed some big differences to other weighted blankets out there. The beads were bigger and made some noise, although the quality and size of the pockets for the beads was far superior. The weight was perfect and it stayed in place really well. It took me a few weeks to get used to it. Initially it felt like a lot of weight on my legs, although when I asked the company, they explained that it helped circulation, which is great when we’re on our feet a lot. Now having had it for a couple of months, I can safely say this blanket is THE BEST. My sleep is significantly deeper and more restful than ever. It’s a lot easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. And my body feels less achy than it did previously. I don’t want to sleep without it anymore. I also love the customer service of the company. You can tell they really care !

Meghan L., Vancouver


This BB weighted blanket is the most soothing and relaxing blanket I ever used. When I am stressed out I go to bed late but still I feel refreshed in the morning after having few hours of sleep under these weighted blankets. The weight of these blankets just right ! Not too heavy. Whenever I watch TV under my heavy blanket, my dog curls on it and goes into deep sleep. I recommend these blankets to anyone who has sleep problems. 
T. McCallum, Oakville, ON


I suffered from insomnia and had trouble staying asleep (waking up in the middle of night) after moving to a louder downtown neighbourhood. I tried everything from white noise to Melatonin, but nothing seemed to be help give me a deep restful sleep! After using the blanket I feel more well rested, am tossing and turning much less and waking up in the middle of the night is no longer an issue. The blanket is quite breathable and doesn't retain more heat than before, even when used over my existing blanket. The blanket uses a very high quality and strong fabric need to keep a heavy blanket durable for a long time. The aromatherapy packet even seems to last a very long time, it has been over 6 months and I still can smell it (shaking it around helps reactivate it too)! Very satisfied with my purchase!  
Denis,  New Westminster,  BC


I notice that I relax much more quickly and comfortably when using the BB Weighted Blanket. I do not move around and change positions as much throughout the night trying to get comfortable. I feel like it gives me a better sense of being well-rested, and I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who feels like they have trouble getting comfortable at night or who feel like they do not get a good night's sleep!
Sarah B., St.Johns, NL


Comfortable and calming are the words I would describe our experience with our BB weighted blanket. I bought it for my husband, but everyone in the family tried it and we all found it very relaxing. My daughter uses her dad's heavy blanket while studying in her bed! My son wraps it around him. I have an idea what to buy for birthdays this year...Many heavy blankets ! 
A Doyle, East York, ON


I bought this weighted blanket for my university student daughter as a gift. She carries her heavy blanket to everywhere, from room to room in our house. Or to her peers lace for studying. I also tried blanket few times and had an amazing nights sleep. My husband says whenever I sleep under this weighted blanket I don’t snore. So I am getting second one for myself. The fabric must be breathable, it doesn’t make you hot or cold. Highly recommended.
G. Vidal, Whitby, ON


My son has ADHD. I got BB weighted blanket for him and it helped. He is very calm  under his heavy blanket and he sleeps longer hours. He became addicted to it. I've also borrowed it a couple of times and noticed less pain from my arthritis. I have ordered their FIR pads now and using it day and night to relieve the pain. When I use the pad after warming on the microwave I get better results.  
F Neglovich, King City, ON


I was thinking to get a weighted blanket for a long time and was waiting for a good deal. When I saw BB Blankets web site, I noticed it was not an ordinary weighted blanket. Their product and web site stands out from the others. I ordered one and it was the best purchase I made. I use their aromatherapy pouch for keeping my remote control and cell phone. The blanket has just the right amount of weight, foldable and flexible. It is also not difficult to carry around. 
T Eggart, Scarborough, ON


I thought I have to share this unique experience with others after using my weighted blanker for a week.  I want to everyone know how good this blanket is. I had very restful sleep like there is a magic touch. It was kind of hard for the first few days but after that it gave such a relaxed feeling, now I can’t sleep without my weight blanket. My wife uses it like a pad in our living room when watching TV. This is a real therapeutic blanket. Helping to both of us. Thank you for developing such a good product. 
A Budge, Kitchener, ON

I found out about BB weighted blankets from my employee. She has an autistic son and she uses kids size BB weighted Blanket for him. I decided to buy for my Alzheimer mom. Now,  her caregiver says she is sleeping whole night without getting up anymore. It helped for her aggressive mood too. We are very happy with the changes. I asked the caregiver to use it not only during the night but day too. Far Infrared must be bringing her body very good effect. 
L Parchanski, Etobicoke, ON

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