BB Blankets are medical grade blankets which improve your sleep as well as mental and physical well being. Our blankets have natural minerals which carry remarkable healing energy to keep the body's balance in harmony. The minerals carry safe and vital far infrared energy –FIR- which brings natural resonant effect to the body. FIR enhances natural healing by increasing blood circulation, boosting the energy level and releasing the tension. Our bodies naturally carry the same kind of FIR energy. When this energy level gets depleted, body’s healthy balance is compromised. FIR enhances natural balance by stimulating cells in the body. ...

With increasing usage of electronic device and changing life styles, sleep problems are reaching epidemic levels among all demographics groups. Sleep deprivation and insomnia lead to many serious and chronic health problems. BB Weighted Blankets bring you better sleep and balanced health. Also, those who suffer from depression, anxiety, autism, ADD, ADHD, fibromyalgia and PTSD can benefit from BB Weighted Blankets.

Our Medical Grade Blankets bring balanced natural state by 3 important features; Weighted Material, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) and Aromatherapy. Our blankets also attenuate environmental EMG radiation to get a break during long sleep hours. BB Weighted Blankets help in the relief of variety of health conditions by increasing serotonin level, improving blood circulation and boosting cellular level metabolism while you sleep.

There are many features they make BB Weighted Blankets outstanding in the weighted blanket market. BB Blankets naturally stimulate body’s own healing power by bringing natural far infrared energy to you. FIR energy is abundant in sunlight and all living organisms carry FIR. Both our fabric and the filling material carry FIR emitting minerals.

Science has shown that FIR is vital energy source and it resonates with human body's natural energy frequencies. Its resonant effect brings healthy and stable result by increasing blood circulation, cleaning toxins and inflammation therefore shortened recovery time. Nature has many FIR-rich elements which can positively affect and become vital for any kind of living creatures. 

FIR is also well known for its healing, thriving and pain relief effect. FIR increases cellular metabolic rate and helps for weight management. It mobilizes and burns fat therefore helps for weight management and weight loss.

For BB Blanket users, the weight gives hugging, touching and cocooning effect which bis important for sensory stimulation. Our Blanket's weight is created by using bioceramic beads and they stimulate deep pressure points similar to massage therapy, they naturally increase serotonin and melatonin levels in the body. These two hormones promote restful, deep sleep therefore improve your health.


BB Weighted Blankets and Pads decrease the exposure of the body from surrounding electromagnetic fields. They protect living tissues and cells from wi-fi and 5G signal’s unknown effects. Children and teenagers are more vulnerable to electromagnetic harm. Kid-size BB Weighted Blankets can be used to protect the children and young adults during their sleep or during the day.  BB Weighted Blankets can be used between body and mobile signal  source when electronic devices are used. BB Blankets also help kids to have deeper and higher quality sleep, they give relaxation effect when users are stresses or agitated.


BB adult-size Weighted Blankets have additional aromatherapy feature which also boost blanket’s relaxing and calming effect to improve the sleep and mood.  Adult size BB weighted blankets come with a bag of lavender seeds for aromatherapy section which helps the users to go into sleep with relaxed mood.

Researchers have found that weighted blanket users show lowered anxiety level and more relaxed feelings after using the blankets only few days. Deep pressure stimulation effect plus FIR effect from our BB Weighted Blankets amplifies these effects and they had been shown to calm adults and children with anxiety, autism, pain and stiffness. 
BB Blankets can be also used as mattress pads for the same effect if the weight brings discomfort for the users.