With quite a few choices on the weighted blankets market these days, you may be wondering how to decide which one to choose. It is important to do your research before you invest your money and to know what to look for the features of the blanket and the company that makes it.

Below are the top reasons why we feel our blankets and pads are the best choice in the entire weighted blanket industry. 

1) Patented Technology

The uniqueness of our blankets and pads comes from the use of Far Infra Red (FIR) rays added to the weighted blankets. Our blankets are made with special FIR emitting health (responsive) fabrics. These special fabrics are developed in the recent years by using advanced nanotechnology to attach mineral particles to the yarn. We also use bio-ceramic beads which consist of naturally FIR-emitting minerals for creating the weight of the blanket. FIR energy regulates the metabolism and body temperature and also increases the blood circulation of the tissues. The weight from bio-ceramic beads provides Deep Pressure Stimulation ( DPS ) and gives massage effect to the body. The combination of these two effects is what makes our blankets unique and our technology patented.

Additionally, we add aromatherapy effect to our blankets, in the form of the relaxing natural lavender scent which is well-known for its good effect on sleep and relaxation. Our adult blankets come with naturally dried lavender seed bags in them.

2) Developed by a Medical Doctor

Our products are developed by a team of Canadian health researchers led by a medical doctor. The development of our products are inspired by applying nature’s own remarkable healing properties.

The Founder Tina Ureten, MD, has gained tremendous medical experience from different institutions in Turkey, Switzerland, USA and Canada.  When insomnia hit her after a stressful event in 2012, she started her research to find out a non-toxic, non-addictive way to treat her sleep deprivation. When Dr. Ureten got great benefit from her self-made weighted blanket, she decided to share her experience with the other insomnia sufferers. Since then she and her team members made huge improvement on first model of her weighted blanket. As world's fast growing health problem, insomnia effects almost any age group. Dr Ureten added children's size weighted blankets to our product line to improve the sleep deprivation in school age kids. Her own children benefited from these one of a kind blankets. The same blankets are helpful for the children who suffer from ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression and autism. 

3) Canadian-Based

Our blankets and pads are developed by a medical doctor and health researchers based in Canada with a consideration of global sleep and mental health problems. The FIR emission, negative ion release, regeneration and deep pressure stimulation effect from the blankets can help to promote better sleep for anyone without any harm.

The blankets are one of a kind Canadian invention and they can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Duties and shipment charges apply for international shipments.

4) Developed for a Variety of Users

Our blankets and pads were developed with various users in mind and can be used safely by adults, teenagers, children as well as household pets and other animals.

Our weighted blankets can be used as blankets during the night for better sleep and just for relaxation during the day. The pads can be used on any painful part of the body. They can also be used to protect the body from the electromagnetic field created by cell phones, laptops or tablets. Children with attention deficit and autism problems can benefit from our blankets. Having your pets sleeping on our BB pads or blankets can improve their sleep and health. 

5) Competitive Price

We have realized that weighted blankets can be a considerable investment in one’s well-being and health. We believe our blankets are priced competitively and provide a significant value and relief to the users.

Unlike the other products in the weighted blankets market, our products are very unique in combining the effects of weight, FIR energy and aromatherapy; however they are priced equally or lower than most of the other weighted blankets in the market. 

6) Money-Back Guarantee*

We offer to our clients money-back guarantee and accept any defective product for full refund within 10 days of the purchase. If you are not happy with our products after 30 days of usage and return them in clean and non-damaged condition we will refund the payment.

*Some restrictions may apply upon the condition of returned products.